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Raydlinx®, we are a professional manufacturer and designer of safety work shoes. Before 2019, we mainly provided shoes to other companies. After that, we began to try to sell our own products online.

Raydlinx® is committed to researching fashionable, comfortable and indestructible safety work shoes. We use steel midsole, Kevlar midsole, steel toe cap, carbon fiber toe cap to protect your feet from the harsh working environment. And use of rubber/EVA/polyurethane and other materials combined soles, both wear-resistant and comfortable. The slip resistant sole and breathable upper can provide you with all-weather safe companionship when you work.

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Room A1-13, 3F, Yee Lim Industrial Centre, 2-28 Kwai Lok St, Kwai Chung, HK

Phone: +852 4639 9920

Email: contact@raydlinx.co.uk